12 Aug 2001


Interactive tool to visualise social networks

Make a portrait or take a snapshot with your — new — friend. The ikCam directly publishes the picture on your profile.


Jasper Visser and the ikcam - This photo was taken at Kom je Ook 'Public as Programmer' , on November 26 2009, at the Conservatorium Amsterdam. Raphael Rehbach

RFID application

As a visitor at a Mediamatic exhibition you receive an ikTag with an (RFID) chip. The chip in this tag is linked to your profile on Mediamatic.net. With the ikTag you activate the ikCam. After the picture is taken, your portrait is immediately uploaded to your profile.

The ikCam is also very good for making contact with other people. The ikCam takes a group portrait when lots of people activate their ikTag together. It also links everyone on the social network site. This makes it easy to reconnect with your new friends online.


The ikCam has been used successfully at several exhibitions and events. It is always present at the exhibitions of Mediamatic. But the ikCam also visits PICNIC every year, and was a great addition to the Kom je Ook? conference and at Estafette by Netwerk CS.

The ikCam is a Mediamatic Atelier project. If you're interested in employing the ikCam at your own events, please contact Mediamatic LAB.