Magdalena Pilko

& Pia Rönicke

16 Oct 2010
7 Nov 2010

October 17 - November 7 2010
Opening: Saturday, October 16 at 7 pm in Zuidwal 52
Open: Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 pm,
and by appointment


Magdalena Pilko - bron

'Modulation of time' is a new project by Magdalena Pilko that is conceived as an essay on visual immanence based on observation, experience and empirical research rather than ideologies, assumptions and preconditions. For the project, Magdalena Pilko spent two months in a remote forest in the south of Austria. In this solitary period the forest became her studio, field of research and point of reference. In doing so, she soon concentrated on the meaning of time and its various modulations. Three pieces were developed introducing a view that is in poetical-radical opposition to the overall highspeed-addiction and delusional sense of feasibility.

The installation 'Scanning Through Landscapes' by Pia Rönicke tells the story of the Elysian Park, a park in the periphery of Los Angeles that was founded in the 19th century for leisure purposes. In the beginning of the 20th century Mexican immigrants settled down and raised a small community called Chavez Ravine. The following decades, plans were made to replace the provisionally built barracks into proper housing, but the plans were abandoned and the community was eventually evicted in the fifties under suspicious conditions, making place for a baseball stadium. The story got an odd twist a few years later when the barracks were used as the setting for the movie 'To Kill a Mockingbird', which tells a story about segregation issues.
Through slide projections, a vocal narrative and historical documents Pia Rönicke researches how history is erased, rewritten, reused as she uncovers, reconstructs and brings back to memory the socio-political history of the Elysian Park and its inhabitants.