Live earth-moon-earth radio transmission

20 Nov 2010

A live radio transmission performance between the earth and the moon. Daniela de Paulis will send images and sound files to the moon. They'll bounce off the moon and come back to earth.


Opticks - Color after having bounced off the moon. Part of the Opticks project, in which images get sent to the moon and back in the form of radio signals.

OPTICKS is a live performance during which digital images of the seven colors of the spectrum are sent to the moon in the shape of radio signals. The signal is sent form a dish situated in Brazil, the UK or Switzerland, and received in Dwingeloo radio telescope in The Netherlands. Here they are reconverted into the original images.

During the show at Artis Planetarium there will be a live broadcast in which images and sound files are sent to the moon and back to the earth. If you'd like to participate you can send your images and sound files before November 19th to Daniela de Paulis.

In collaboration with:

Enrique Tomas (sound artist, SP/A)
Jan van Muijlwijk (CAMRAS radio amateur, NL)
Howard Ling (radio amateur, UK)
Daniel Gautschi (radio amateur, CH)

Where: Artis Planetarium. Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, Amsterdam
Entrance: € 5,-
Start: 21.00

Fore more information visit the Opticks website.