30 Jan 2011

In Gravity, one mechanism is driven to its ultimate consequence, resulting in a landscape of falling objects: a ‘concert’ with 4 performers, a grand piano and many, many objects. This performance is an attempt to experience nature without inviting the ghost of lost innocence, to see the politics of gravitational laws in different planes, in different moments of history, in different constellations.


Gravity - source

Concept / development / performance:

Sarah van Lamsweerde, Norberto Llopis Segarra and Kaisu Koski in collaboration with Mari Matre Larsen and Michiel Reynaert.

"I was wondering what it meant to drop a chair, and as i couldn’t solve the enigma I decided to take two chairs and drop one over the other, I did it once and I had to admit that it was intense, there was something that I couldn’t identify, was intense but I couldn’t still draw any concept from it, or delineate any profle, although I couldn’t say that it was something I did not feel concerned by."

Gravity is a coproduction of Theater Zeebelt, Plateaux Frankfurt and Stichting Tre Tigri. The first sketches for the work were developed during the Dasarts-program “the Political Body”.