A manifestation about writer block's

4 Oct 2012

It is a medium for vulnerable pen pals, caught in a web of potential beginnings and never-endings.


Launch: DARK AND STORMY-flyer - Gevonden op Sans Serriffe

San Serriffe — art book shop in Amsterdam
Open weekly:
Thu, Fri, Sat ; 12–19

Sint Annenstraat 30, 1012 HE, Amsterdam

Launch: DARK AND STORMY by Rustan Söderling and Bart de Baets
Thursday, 4 October 18h —21h.
music by Junatique

DARK AND STORMY is the manifestation of Rustan Söderling and Bart de Baets’ writers block. It is a medium for vulnerable pen pals, caught in a web of potential beginnings and never-endings.
While DARK AND STORMY quotes, recycles, and tears apart existing work it also features new original writing. Although it may be slightly high brow at times, plenty of it comes straight from the gutter. DARK AND STORMY never aims to conclude, just to engage. By staying ambiguous about the source of its content DARK AND STORMY questions its own authenticity. It aspires to inspire artists in the hope they’ll make better work, write best-sellers or earn the occasional trophy. A silly and somewhat pretentious statement perhaps. So, in case DARK AND STORMY doesn’t live up to your expectations and fails to improve your oeuvre, consider becoming a contributor. Till then, we ask the reader to cut us some slack and enjoy the ride, since it’s only six pages, anyway.

Many of the contributors of DARK AND STORMY have died or – if they keep at it like this – won’t be around for much longer. But don’t let that spoil your fun. DARK AND STORMY’s editorial staff will live on, no matter how hard they push themselves. Younger editors will rise and contribute great work.

Contributors to this issue are: Downtown Ace, Steve Anglesey, Bart de Baets, Marlon Brando, Richard Brautigan, Julia Künzi, Joris Kritis, Joseph Minion, Daniel Nørregaard, Flann O’Brien, Wolfgang Petersen, Andrija Puharich, Jonas Sætervik, Jim Thorell, Rustan Söderling and Kurt Vonnegut.