A Collective Meal

Bring and share...

A large eat&drink event where all people of Amsterdam will be invited to bring food&drinks and share them with all others...


Yeryüzü Sofrası / Globe Meal -

This a large get-together and eat-together event. The organization is not only for Gezi protesters, it will be for all the people around Amsterdam, supporter or non-supporter, it does not matter. Inspired by Gezi, the point is to get people connect and communicate as Gezi protests resulted in making all of us connect and communicate. Here people will do this through sharing what they have. Eventually they will also share ideas, thoughts and emotions.

The idea is that everybody will bring food and drinks of they like and will share this with all others -- actually similar to "Yeryüzü Sofrası" (Globe Meal). As extra, we can organize some music.

There are a couple of things we need to think about.
- The event can be for the dinner at any day or in the afternoon+evening in the weekend.
- The best place to do this is of course a park (and most probably Vondelpark). But then the weather might oppose us.
- If we don't want to eat only by ourselves (I mean only the Gezi group) and we would like a large group of Amsterdam people to join, then we should announce it early (like at least 2 weeks earlier than the event).
- If we announce it so early then we can not get a good weather prediction. So, we might think of having an indoor place arranged as back-up if we decide to do outside.

Come and join the organization and/or spread the word.