Multimedia Exhibition on Civil Resistance in Istanbul

15 Nov 2013
31 Dec 2013
  • 19:00 -0:00

Opening Date: 15th Nov. 3013, 19h @Mediamatic Fabriek
Agence LeJournal and The Institute of Creative Minds (ICM) which is an Istanbul-based creative professionals network will exhibit in Mediamatic PARK.


Gezi Protests - Civil people who were injured and scared in the protests Emin Özmen

Photojournalist Emin Özmen's documentary entitled "Witnessing Gezi" and his selected photo stories on the Gezi Park protests will be shown for the first time as a complete set within the scope of PARK. With the help of his strong visuals, two opposite sides of the civil resistance will bring together the unseen part of the movement for the other. Emin Özmen is a Word Press Photo awarded photojournalist and has worked in the countries where tragedies took place in the last 10 years. He quit his job in a daily Turkish newspaper after his work had been censored and he had it published on international media outlets. He currently works for Agence LeJournal.