Vintage, Vice & Tabloid Photographs

26 Jun 2014
7 Sep 2014

26.06 - 07.09.14

Cops, Killers, Crooks, Crashes and Bettie Page. Great books too!


Forger Hides His Face, (1938), gelatine silver print. - Clarence E. Mahahhey, Described as the nation's #1 forger, asserted to have swindled nearly 500 U.S. banks out of approximately $250.000, is arrested in Los angeles.

POLYESTER presents original American Noir images from the 1930s to 1950s, the era of rival newspapers ruthlessly competing (in most cases, twice daily) for the biggest scoops, best coverage and most lurid details of crimes, crashes and other tragedies.

Also showing, original photographs and works on paper of 50s icon Bettie Page.