Mycelium fur

Mandy den Elzen at Myco Design Lab Exposition

Mandy den Elzen is experimenting if mycelium can replace fur by growing it on fluffy material.


Mandy den Elzen - Process of mycelium experiment to be a replaceable product for fur. Mandy den Elzen

Research Question

Can fluffy mycelium be grown as an animal friendly alternative to traditional fur?


Mandy is a visual artist concerned with materials and textures. Supported by experts from UU, she’s experimenting on growing a fluffy material with similar properties to animal fur. Besides an animal friendly alternative, mycelium could offer larger sizes than animals’ skin surface. Growing Furthermore, this organic
 novel material can be grown in a laboratory, therefore not encouraging breeding and slaughtering of animals. Her current experiments are meant to provide clarity, while testing and validating the feasibility of
 the overall objective.


Mandy den Elzen -