'89 - Citizen Havel (Občan Havel)

Regisseur: Miroslav Janek & Pavel Koutecký / Speeltijd: 119 min / Land: Czech Republic / Ondertitels: Engels

15 Nov 2014

This unique documentary follows Václav Havel for 11 years: From 1992, just prior to his election as president of the newly formed Czech Republic, through his defeat by Václav Klaus in 2003.


'89 - Citizen Havel (Občan Havel) -

Citizen Havel offers a unique insight into Havel's life, presidency and thought. "I would like to be a good president," the former dissident playwright said upon his election, though he would find himself embroiled in daily politics.

Over the years, the situation changes in the Czech Republic and problems emerged in Havel’s personal life. The Czech Republic suffered from an economic crisis, and Olga, Havel's beloved wife, died after a lengthy illness. Havel is diagnosed with lung cancer and falls in love with the actress Dagmar Veskrnova. During new elections in 2003, Havel is forced to prove himself once again. Intrigues and political deals become an increasingly larger part of daily governance. The film reveals Havel's seat-of-the-pants governance with which he returned to his idealistic maxim; "Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred," and concludes with his plans after political defeat; "I'll just go from pub to pub, my pockets full of well-thumbed photos of people I used to know."

Citizen Havel asks what has shaped this unique individual whose life as a playwright turned to becoming a dissident, who was jailed by the Communist regime for over 4 years, and has lead his country through the Velvet Revolution.