'89 - Exhibition: Images of a Fall

15 Nov 2014

The events of 1989 followed each other in quick succession: from the cutting of the Iron Curtain between Austria and Hungary in May and Solidarność winning the elections in Poland in June, to the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9th and the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia on 29th of December.


'89 -

How did these countries deal with this gigantic societal shifts? With a special selection of photographs, front pages of newspapers from all over Europe, magazines and political cartoons, published during the fall of the Iron Curtain, we present a unique account from this period of political and social transformation.

The selected images show how media, journalists and photographers responded to the events of 1989. The exposition tells a story of what did, and what did not, make it to print and as such reveals mediated reactions to the events that have been crucial to the formation of contemporary Europe. The pictures, front pages and cartoons come from the collection of the Press Museum Amsterdam.