Emma T. Gaskell


Portable urinals for women.

Shout out to all the ladies out there! Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you've really had "to go" and there as not been a convenient bathroom within reach? Maybe you were on a road trip, at a crowded festival or on a camping trip with family or friends. Whatever your example may be, the solution has been found.

Portable. Female. Urinals.


TravelJohn - Disposable Urinal Reach Global Industries Inc.

Take a moment to appreciate each of these words as a unit. Their unified meaning is the end of our leg crossing, body wiggling, "I'll just hold it," mentality.
After looking up countless material about urine science, products etc., the pis' project member's computer's, ever so selflessly, advertise promotions on the side of our screens with the latest female urination devices and art creations.

Which gave us an idea!
We have taken it upon ourselves to test these devices and report back to our fellow followers.
A few of the products include:

Some of these portable urinals are reusable and others are disposable. Each may be more convenient in different settings.
Stay tuned to read if these portable, peeing devices increase "go- time" convenience for us adventurous types or if our old school squatting technique is the way to go.