Wavy Gravy presents: Bronze, Renée van Trier and dj Bence

5 Nov 2015
  • 20:30
  • Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075 XL Amsterdam

Bronze (US) psychedelic wave
Renée van Trier (NL) music/performance
dj Bence (NL) obscure records


Bronze - Wavy Gravy presents: Bronze, Renée van Trier and dj Bence illustration made by Miss Kate van Harreveld ©

Bronze (US)
In early 2006 Brian Hock moved back to San Francisco from Berlin and took up residence with Rob Spector in the warehouse/show space known as “The Cave.” The two wanted to start a new project and enlisted the help of Miles Friction to form the triad known as BRONZE. After a few preliminary attempts to find the right environment to house the copper club, Miles founded the Trojan Compound in the Dogpatch neighborhood of s.f., where the 3 undergo disciplined training exercises in various weaponry, sonic hypnosis, horticulture and the all-important copper talk.
BRONZE is an exercise in acting on impulse. Members of Bronze are also currently involved in such projects as: c.l.a.w.s., war vs. sleep, cumberbund, muscle drum, body body, street dikks, digital butt, and the white crows.


Renée van Trier (NL)

“Van Trier use to deceive its listeners, to bully and seduce.
Musically this debut does more reminiscent of the rougher work of the Neue Deutsche Welle.
Think of Malaria! Dadaist improvisation and indefinable sounds.
As well Laurie Anderson and Yoko Ono .
Van Trier can not be tied to the rigid conventions of music.
Just as in her performances , she seeks confrontation with her audience.
It is therefore only natural that the songs on 'Wow Us All Away' one by one belonging to the
various characters who created Van Trier for her performances.”
Review Solo Cassette Tape 'Wow Us All Away' Van Trier by Katrien Schuermans, Cuttin-Edge


DJ Bence (NL)