22 أيار / مايو 2009
24 أيار / مايو 2009

First Annual Metameets Conference, Amsterdam Friday, May 22 – Sunday, May 24 2009

MetaMeets09 : "European conference addressing the present and future of the Web 3.0: User-created 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life, Active Worlds, OpenSource Grids and more..."

World-wide citizens from virtual environments will meet in person at the conference as well as at our cross-media events.
Our speakers will cover a range of topics including business, education, non-profit organization and cultural projects.
Our aim is to exchange information and experience with a common goal: to build bridges among diverse virtual worlds.
We welcome those keen upon illustrating the time-saving, cost-reducing and community engagement benefits.
This conference also offers visitors without experience in virtual worlds the possibility to get to know this new type of media and environment.
Speakers include :
- Katrin Janssen (European Business Programs Specialist, Linden Lab)
- Tim Gorree (Nokia - IT Architect )
- Robert Bloomsfield (Cornell University, Metanomics)
- Robert Thomas (Composer, Dizzy Banjo Music & Sound)
- Yesha Sivan (Harvard, Metaverse1 project)
- Kevin Tweedy (OpenSim Consultant,
- Kevin Feenan (Dean of Rockcliffe University)
- Hein de Graaf (Social-Psychologist)
- Emmanuel Gruijs (CEO of Active Worlds Europe)
- Justin Bovington ( CEO of RRR/Immersive Workspaces)
- John Mahon (Dublin in SL)
- Jules Vos (CEO of Visibuild)
Visit to sign up and find out more details about speaker scheduling and sponsoring.


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