David Neff


David Neff was born and raised late sixties, early seventies in the burbs of Philadelphia. Educated at Rochester Institute of Technology in the eighties and jumped into the world of commercial photography mid-nineties. David specializes in editorial and lifestyle photographs of people in a playful, bold style. When not holding a camera, one might see David zipping by on a road bike (Landshark Love!) heading out of NYC or a few clicks up the Hudson River basin for fresh air. Sometimes he's building furniture, tinkering with electronics, or fixing appliances that break too quickly as a result of planned obsolescence. He loves traveling and just wrapped up a series of 70 environmental portraits of 3d printing's early adopters for a Brooklyn startup, Makerbot. Then there was that ill fated trip to florida that got in CA, won an Addy, Mohawk Paper best of show and is prominently displayed in his parents den. Dave lives in NYC with his wife Alice, and indie filmmaker and their son Max, an indie messmaker. For the most up to date news hit the blog! Maybe you noticed both Dave and David used interchangeably here, you're on to something. Dave doesn't notice the difference so you can call him either so pick up the phone and call.

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