Previously on view in the Amsterdam Biennale: Sascha Glasl

Munich Pavilion

Ein deutscher Pavillon - A German pavilion

Can architecture pacify the burdened German memory? Can design deal with collective and private grievances from the past? This proposal voices the ambition to stage the re-united state. A public debate is triggered through a unique architectural approach addressing Germany’s problematic history. The World Exhibition still seems to be characterized by the glamorous presentation of a single state. This is unfortunately a fairly superficial image of the nation. Would it be in response be possible to create a more authentic picture of the people living in a country instead of the usual artificial image produced by national powers? The answer is: yes, this is possible, if the right tools are used.


Concept for the Munich Pavilion - Sascha Glasl

This project focuses on Germany, the country of my birth. The German national image and the profile of its people are constantly changing. The demise of the war generation and the reunification are today changing the national consciousness. Indeed, the World Soccer Championships in 2006 revealed a new relaxed self- perception. Nevertheless the country’s past remains omnipresent in public life. The question remains: How can Germany present itself as a nation in an architectural context, and how can we present an identity which shows the new common spirit and deals with the nation’s past? Let’s here fore highlight the process. As such, the setting up and pulling down of an installation, as well as the actual use of the architecture, could reinforce the new strong common spirit, as long as the participation of the German public is guaranteed. Furthermore, we intend to ask visitors to influence the installation with their memories of the country’s past.

The Munich pavilion is on view at the Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic from 16 October 2009 until 3 January 2010.