Media Playgrounds

Artistic Investigations On the Future Of Mass-Media

MEDIA PLAYGROUNDS presents artistic and creative ways of dealing with broadcast media, from community media practitioners, professional artists to young creatives. This event is part of ‘Broadcast Media Scupltures’ program and takes place simultaneously in Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Budapest and Sofia.


Truth or Consequences - By Francisco Camacho Elena Perez

Master Classes + Video Screening: Free
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Current Exhibition at NIMk: VERSIONS: ‘Comment culture: commentary as a medium’. With work by: Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, F.A.T Lab, Martijn Hendriks, JoDi, Oliver Laric, NastyNets, Theodore Watson, e.a.

Master Classes Workshops
Friday 11 December. 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Media channels, platforms and formats impose strict rules on how you can play with them. This afternoon you will be inspired by artists that have developed new insight through free media experimentation, tactical media and the ‘art of campaigning’.

*Heiner Holtappels (de/nl)
The director of NIMk will give an introduction to Media Playgrounds.

1. Raul Marroquín (co/nl) ‘Electronic media and visual arts 1968 – 2009, from experimental film to cross media’
Raúl Marroquín is one of the pioneers of European video art, co-founder of Time Based Arts (nl) and founder of De Hoeksteen Live!

2. David Garcia (uk) ‘Faith in Exposure’
An exploration of the concept of artists as commentators and activists intervening in the news events of the day. David Garcia is the Dean of Chelsea College of Art & Design in London (uk) and founder of The Next Five Minutes festival (nl).

3. MauzZ (nl) 3D web interactive television
MauZ will talk about the 3D web (Second Life a.o.), as the ultimate interactive television of the early 21st century.

4. Peter Krapp (us), 'Of Games and Gestures: Machinima and the suspensions of animation'// (Skype conference from California)
Instead of reducing machinima to fan culture or to contributions to an oral history of videogames, this lecture seeks to show how machinima’s gestures may grant access to gaming’s historical conditions of possibility, and how it offers links to a comparative horizon that informs, changes, and fully participates in video game culture.
Peter Krapp is an Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of California, Irvine. He teaches media history, digital culture, and media theory. In his writing, he pursues interests in cultural memory and non-linear media, in the history & theory of gadgets, games and simulations, and in cinematic and digital representations of north and south pole regions.

Video Screening
Friday 11 December. 8:30pm-10:30 pm

Media Playground invites you for a Friday night session where you can explore some remarkable artistic approaches, consequences and interpretations of the online moving image and live cinema.

The best of Machinima, compiled by Peter Krapp (us) and Chantal Harvey (nl), Truth or Consequences premiere! by Francisco Camacho (co/nl), Visual Foreign Correspondents Berlin introduced by Nanette Hoogslag (nl), Oog’s initiator and curator.

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This project is supported by EACEA, AFK and NIMk
Special Thanks to: Meta.Live.Nu, PLANETART, DFM RTV INT,, Virtual Holland, Freeteam, Beamsystems and all collaborating volunteers.