Sander Veenhof

webtraffic controlled plant growth

7 plants representing 7 continents - an 'auto-interactive' installation

A improvisational greenhouse in Kolderveen hosted 7 plants representing the 7 world continents during november and december 2008. Light and water for each plant were directly dependent on web-traffic coming from each world continent.


Google Analytics > plants on/off > plant growth - Web-traffic

Someone visiting the project-website is automatically supporting one plant (the one connected to his or her continent). The auto-interactive installation transforms all attention into continent seperated plant growth by turning on and off the lamps, based on geographic analysis of website-traffic data.

The plants have been growing since the 2nd week of November 2008. The growth results, and thus the visualisation of the reach of the project's publicity, will be presented to the public on the 13th of December '09 at the artist-in-residence space of Stichting KiK in Kolderveen.

Visit the greenhouse (simulation mode sinde dec'09)