Ben Cerveny

Strategist and Advisor, Stamen Design

Overseeing research projects at the intersection of game design, urban planning, and participatory culture. Advising new ventures in data visualization, ubiquitous computing, reactive architecture, and urban play. Consulting on advanced devices and services with clients such as Arup, Google, Philips, and Nintendo.

Ben Cerveny is serving as advisor to several rapidly evolving ventures, such as Stamen Design. He is also the founder and director of VURB, a European framework for research of computational urbanism. Previously, he was Founder of the Experience Design Lab at frogdesign, an international product design company, and a lead game designer and platform development strategist at Ludicorp (Flickr). Cerveny is a ten-year veteran of the interaction design field. His past endeavors include UI design work for network media manipulation applications at Be Inc. and Silicon Graphics, and the management of the research and development group at web services agency Organic. Following his first degree in Critical Theory from the University of California, Ben Cerveny studied at the MediaLab at MIT. He has taught seminars in information design at the Art Center College of Design, the University of California, and the San Francisco Art Institute. He speaks frequently at conferences regarding the practices of data visualization, urban information systems, and game design.