Fools Gold!

Fool's Gold

Discarded items or gems and gold: what determines the true value of a piece of jewelry? These workshops have learned people how to make jewelry from the most diverse materials.


Fools Gold - Erik Diekstra

I have this idea about a workshop/atelier where 8 people can work at one table. A jewel can be a silver beautiful ring but it can be lots of other things, a found object, plastic spoons in a row become a necklace, it is art, it is something we communicate with, it can be a memory of someone, a meaningfull present, it gives "a feeling" a material form. So i will work with all these different ways of looking at a jewel, so it is also about the way we perceive, perception.

I will try to make different workshops with different final goals and most of all is important that the participants think and work with there hands to materialise their way of seeing and feeling: what is a jewel to you?

  • A work table for 8 participants;
  • Boxes to fill up with tools and materials 8 seats 8 flexible lights to put near your work a place to exhibite advertisement participants with fire bucket with water 8 basic boxes to hold some basic tools;
  • White paper 8 pencils scissors;
  • Warm working place good spirits and more...
  • The design team, will work together to build the working space;
  • People who can build, perhaps a carpenter who can make my ideal work table with boxes under on wheels so I can move the spot.
  • Laurens of Pretty Nice Stuff can make my business cards and website?