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Getting Drunk From Saliva

Anivor - Alcohol made of saliva by Sydney Schaefer

Saliva contains an enzyme called Amylase. When Amylase is combined with starch, which you can find in for example rice, it creates sugar. To create alcohol one only needs to combine sugar and yeast. Thus, product designer Sydney Schaefer, added rice and yeast to her saliva to create delicious alcoholic drinks! Her drinks made of saliva, branded under the name Anivor, challenge the way we look at our bodily secretion by giving them a new purpose. To drink Anivor, means to drink life.


Anivor Cocktails - By Sydney Schaefer Sydney Schaefer

Using techniques that have been practiced for centuries paired with visuals that take inspiration from modern day alcohol packaging, Anivor aims to showcase saliva in a new light so as to challenge the social boundaries we place upon the relationship between our body and the wider world.

Showing the versatility of saliva, Anivor has engaged with persons from a range of disciplines. while also giving users the ability to craft original cocktails. These are based off the unique flavors that the body produces. Anivor allows users to taste new flavors while learning more about their physical selves.


Anivor Explained - By Sydney Schaefer Sydney Schaefer