Alice Bodanzky
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30-01-2009 Ghanese coffin - Ik R.I.P.

The teddy bear coffin is placed with the other Ghanaian coffins. To be seen in the Ik R.I.P. exhibition at Mediamatic. January 2009 - April 2009. Mediamatic encourages you to think about death. Besides organizing your funeral, applying for life insurance and drawing up a will, it is necessary to think about what you leave behind in the online world. What happens to your online profile after you die? I R.I.P. is the third exhibition in a series on self-representation on the Internet. The exhibition includes crates from Ghana, a website and a computer game The Graveyard. Visitors could participate in workshops (Coffin for your Beloved) and could participate in a "test-death" in a coffin. 

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