Starting from Dijkspark, we're mapping the plants in the city

A big variety of plants is growing around our Biotoop, from healing to toxic, from dark green to purple. You can visit the Dijkspark at any moment.

Come to learn more about the different properties of our city's flora.


At the head of the Dijksgracht, local residents, Klimmuur Centraal, Hannekes Boom, Barco Restaurant, the Shaffy Tuin and Mediamatuc are working together to make the Dijkspark low-traffic, bee-friendly and bio-diverse. 


Hortus Dijkspark Open 24/7 Mediamatic Biotope, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam


With special thanks to Anaïs Legros, Sophia Schullan, Thierry Vrakking, Simone Brus, Sadhbh O'Donnell, Marguerite D'Ervau, Ada De Gooyer, Margherita Falqui, Alix Briere