Wood forget-me-not

Myosotis sylvatica


Wood-forget-me-not - Myosotis sylvatica Author:  Fabelfroh  

Aphrodisiac properties

This flower is an outlier amongst the aphrodisiacs. Being typically less sexy, its inseparability from the myth of love that follows the plant gains the Forget-Me-Not recognition in this index of aphrodisiacs. 

Note, it is in fact poisonous and may cause liver damage (lovingly.com)- so as much as you may want to give it to your loved one to enact a steamy night of passion, make sure not to eat it, but to gift it as a bouquet with its myth: 

A knight and a lady, two lovers, are walking along the German part of the Danube River and, seeing these bright blue flowers on the riverbank, the knight goes to retrieve them for his lover. On retrieving them, the knight’s armour weighs him down and he falls into the riverbank. Throwing the bouquet to his lover he shouted ‘forget me not’ and was never to be seen again. It is said that his beloved wore the flowers in her hair until she died. (pickupflowers.com, flowermeaning.com)