Edwin Oudshoorn workshop

Coffin for your beloved

Edwin Oudshoorn works on a coffin that is covered with multiple fabrics that each signify a memory of the loved one.


Grafkist ontworpen door Edwin Oudshoorn. -

For the design of his example-coffin, Edwin Oudshoorn concentrated on the interior of the coffin. The inside is entirely covered with fabric in all sorts of prints, consisting of pieces of dresses and blouses with the buttons still visible. Draped on top of this is a layer of white tulle that brings all the separate parts together as a whole. During the workshop Edwin will work with the relatives to make an inside covering for the coffin out of clothes, curtains or the blanket that belonged to the deceased. Garments that symbolize certain occasions, like holidays and special moments, can be used to decorate the coffin. Edwin believes that a beautiful coffin can emerge out of anyone's wardrobe in this way.

Edwin Oudshoorn makes clothes but doesn't restrict himself to fashion or to the newest of the new. His is inspired by the forgotten and neglected elements in society. Much of his work arises from his observation of people and he is intrigued by their personal choices. A funeral passing by on the Amsterdam canals and the screaming crowds gathered in the Arena stadium to commemorate Dutch singer Andre Hazes were two extremes that served as the foundation for Edwin's collection 'Doodsgewoon'.

Edwin Oudshoorn graduated in 2004 from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem with a fashion line inspired by his emotions about his childhood upbringing in a small village. Edwin won the Frans Molenaars Prize with his collection based on Russian women in St. Petersburg. He has exhibited in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and het Schielandhuis in Rotterdam. His line 'Doodsgewoon' was on display at the Rijksmuseum in early 2007. Currently he is one of the fashion designers whose studio is housed in the red light district of Amsterdam.

For more information on the Coffin for your Beloved workshop, please contact Michel Langendijk or Tanja Baudoin of Mediamatic, 020-6389901. After office hours you can reach Michel Langendijk at 06-40963010.