Djara Van Hove

Freedent(al) Teeth

Impersonating reality.

The plastic chewing gum blister -containing 2 parallel rows in which rectangular chewing gums are individually packed- is probably the most common packaging. This specific packaging evoked an abstract or even naive representation of a set of human teeth.

Since the idea got stuck in my head, I decided to capture the internal image. Different pictures of dental models helped to manipulate the chewing gum into the right form. To achieve the most realistic possible representation.



Freedent(al Teeth) - Filippo Iannone, Djara Van Hove


The white glaze, of the chewing gum, is consciously maintained to mimic the actual tooth enamel. And by using a cutting blade, I could easily reshape this pliant material into "teeth". The human gum was made by wrapping a chewed pink Mentos gum around the roots of the teeth.



Freedent(al Teeth) Close-up - Filippo Iannone, Djara Van Hove


By regularly chewing sugar-free gum you can significantly improve your oral hygiene. Several scientific studies proved that it reduces tooth decay and strengthens your tooth enamel.

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