Djara Van Hove

Chair of Sal(i)vation

Beyond the secret act.

Have you ever accidentally felt an old piece of gum underneath a chair while moving it? Or touched one with your knees underneath a table/desk? 

It is hard to explain why people deliberately leave their chewing gum at these most unexpected places. When it becomes inconvenient or simply doesn't taste any longer, they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Which is easier: Going to the bin or sticking it under the chair?  Let's stick it up underneath the chair! While trying to perform this secret act, they should feel anxious if they get caught. Or is there no shame involved? What drives these people? What if I reconsider this mysterious act? Making people aware of their ridiculous behavior! Then we need to find an alternative way to make 'disposal' more fun. Gumdrop has proven when they provide disposable facilities that people are more likely to discard their gum neatly. 

So I came up with the next concept, presenting the Chair of Sal(i)vation. 


Chair of Sal(i)vation First Sketch - Djara Van Hove

Using the specific act -of sticking your gum underneath- as the main subject, we provide a familiar object, a chair, take it out of proportions and place it back in a new reality. Thus creating a place where individuals are allowed to stick their gum and changing the disrespectful action into an artistic contribution. Where all the anonymous gums will show a moment of togetherness, and bring awareness of this big waste problem. Inspired by the gumwalls in Seattle.

We're using a basic chair where a few changes are applied. To determine the type of backrest, the shape of the seat, and the positioning of the chair legs. To make this normal chair a bit unique without turning it into a fancy designer chair. By collecting some designs by research helps to clear my mind. 

Making the secret act visible and fun? What if we scale the measurements of our chair five times. So people can walk underneath it and easily stick their gum underneath the seat and legs. And admire the gum they would otherwise never notice or see. The main idea was to make our chair out of wood. Over time, the chair will slowly disappear under a layer of sticky.


Dimensions of a Chair - Djara Van Hove


Concept of Sal(i)vation Chair Dimensions - Djara Van Hove


Scale Models - Chair of Sal(i)vation - Djara Van Hove


Concept Chair of Sal(i)vation - Djara Van Hove


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