Diversity mission

As a progressive public cultural institution, we find diversity, in all its facets, essential. We actively strive to raise awareness and implement a more transversal and integrated way of thinking and working. Exploring new art forms is per definition room for diversity.

Mediamatic is here for everyone. We will continue to look for voices that have not yet been heard to investigate what these voices have to say. It is our mission to develop new art forms that are socially relevant. We believe that this is possible by offering a platform for those voices and stories that are not yet heard.

And you can see that in our program. Come visit us, or take a look at our program overview on the website.

We are always looking for different stories and perspectives and are aware of our own limited vision. That is why we aim to always involve diverse partners in our work.

Do you want to think along or do you have a question or comment? Diversity is a conversation that we're always open for. Send an email to mail@mediamatic.nl with your questions, comments, tips or story.