Values for Survival

Presentation of the first results within the complementary research program of the Dutch contribution to the 17th Architecture Biennale of Venice

14 Jul 2020

In these strange times, in which our daily life has changed radically, it has become clear that we must jointly look for new ways and values to shape our lives. In Values for Survival, the social and environmental agenda converge in the search for these new values necessary for the sustainability of our planet and all life on Earth.


Values for Survival - From Values for Survival Cahier 1 – Huda Abi Farès

Values for Survival is the complementary public research program of the Dutch contribution to the 17th Architecture Biennale of Venice. Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Chief Science Officer of Amsterdam, Caroline Nevejan, orchestrates this program. Although the Biennale has been postponed for a year due to the corona pandemic, this research program has already taken shape and has adjusted to the circumstances. On July 14th the first results of this inspiring program will be presented at parallel meetings in Venice (place to be determined) and Amsterdam (Mediamatic). The meetings will be linked together online. The event can also be followed with a live stream.


The presentation is divided into two parts and includes a light lunch.

In the first part, Values for Survival - Cahier 1 will be presented. This publication brings together different types of knowledge from the world of policy, research and design. With more than 30 reflections on topics such as sustainability, circularity, urban development, diversity and knowledge sharing, the authors create new values for survival. The authors would have originally shown their research at a two day-long conferences. These conferences were cancelled due to the pandemic, and the authors have therefore presented their contributions in text and images. You can already browse and download the Cahier at You can order the hard copy at NAi Booksellers.

In the second part, after lunch, the first results of the International Online Exploratorium - Cahier 2 will be presented. The Exploratorium, which was originally intended to use the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia as a learning environment, has been transformed into an online research program, which can be followed at Here, artists, designers, researchers and activists from different parts of the world collaborate, in their own thematic research projects, based on different topics and are called ‘tracks’. Within (and between) the tracks, new working methods are developed that make connections between fields such as social and physical sciences, art, design, architecture, and even more than human life worlds. The Exploratorium is co-curated by We are here Venice. New values for survival are created with and for Venice. The results of these special collaborations ultimately will form the second Cahier, partly designed by the participants themselves. On July 14th, participants will present the results of the various studies for the first time.


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Tuesday the 14th of July from 13:00 till 16:00


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