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From September 2020 - December 2020, Gabrielle de Haseth has double-checked and cross-checked all the Haeckel Plate pages on our website. The original text from Kunstformen Der Natur was only ever translated commissioned by Mediamatic. This was translated by VR Translators Bangalore. Because the text was very difficult to read we decided to add a small introduction to every plate to make it easier to understand what you are looking at. The text that has been translated will not be edited, because it is the only existing translation of the original text. We asked biologist Annemarie Verschoor to help check the introduction text and possibly add some extra information. The extra text will hopefully add an extra layer to the game and make people understand what they are looking at. 


Aurelia. / Discomedusae. – Scheibenquallen. - Lithograph by Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Giltsch Plate 98 from Kunstformen der Natur. Discomedusae: Subclass of Scyphozoa (jellyfish)  Ernst Haeckel, Adolf Giltsch

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Decision list

  • The language used on the pages was difficult for non-biologists to understand. That is why we decided to write a new, short introduction per Plate that is easier to relate to.
  • We decided the word Table (EN) / Tafel (NL) is confusing for our audience. That is why we use the word Plate (EN) / Plaat (NL).
  • The prints page of Kunstformen der Natur contains 10 chapters (Lieferungs) . Each Lieferung consist of 10 Plates (in order from 1 -100) that are now numbered and have a title.