The Sin Eaters Research Suzana Orsolic

Day 1: Vision

“It is a process, let it happen.”

April 26 2021 marked the first day of our Neo Futurist Dinner test week. In an attempt to structure the days that we spent together we agreed on dedicating each day to one sense. Monday started with vision and whilst tasting the “greenest dish” that Alice created for us, we got lost playing around with clay and dough, trying to think of different forms and shapes that would amplify the sense of sight.


Does form follow function or function follow form? - Suzana Orsolic

By taking Art Jar’s sculpture as a starting point, we were looking for ways to serve a dish in a visually appealing way, challenging both our eyes and Alice’s dish through the use of mirrors, colored backgrounds and different cutlery and light settings.


Different materials, colours, weights of cutlery - how does design affect taste? - Suzana Orsolic

Each answer we found was followed by new questions. What if we served dinner at sunrise? How can you taste if you don’t see? What if your partner gets to see the dish, while you get to taste it? And do you actually have to eat a dish in order to be able to enjoy its taste? 


Fresh ingredients for the "greenest" dish - Suzana Orsolic


The most green dish ever made - Suzana Orsolic

We were still led by the main idea of working with different colors for different dishes as well the idea of removing one sense per course in order to see what it does to your perception of the food that is being served.

But is that enough to create a Neo Futurist Dinner? It is not. Is it a possible outcome of the week that there is no new Neo Futurist Dinner at all? Probably. Yet, we continued. 

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