Pauline Rip
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Harvesting Dew

Elficology is the study of elves, it tells us about their appearance, their clothes, their habits and even what they eat. Thanks to the eminent elficologist, Pierre Dubois, who recorded everything in an encyclopaedia, I discovered that some elves in Alsace feed on morning dew. From this fact I built a cultural practice with its ancestral know-how, which is speculatively part of the intangible cultural heritage. Does something as to be true to be valuable and worth preserving?
This project follows my research and reflection on the irrational facts in our societies and takes here a more poetic vision.
The vase that stores the morning dew is inspired by the miniature dandelion bud 🌱

Photo by Pauline Rip 

This image is part of the project proposal Cooking Ghosts