Georgia Dalloro

Pigeon Feeding

on the pigeon tower loft


Arne smashing corn - Arrival of the squabs at the biotoop. Four squabs were introduced last week into the pigeon loft we constructed for them on the top of Chim (pigeon tower n.11).  We have been feeding them but they are being picky eaters towards the corn kernels. Arne is smashing them to make them easier for the young pigeons to eat. Georgia Dalloro

It is important to have food and water on the tower (Ben, next to the barn) at all times.

So that it is available not only to our pigeons but also the neighbourhood pigeons.



Pigeon looking out from the loft terrace - photo credit: Georgia Dalloro Georgia Dalloro


The feeding is very simple.


1- Grab a ladder from the back of the barn (the one with the grey top cap is a good height), and bring it to the tower.


pigeon tower feeding ladder - This is the best ladder to reach inside the pigeon tower loft Georgia Dalloro

2- Grab some feed. This is also at the back of the barn: locate the pigeon tower storage area, once you are facing it, turn around and look on the ground, there should be a large transparent plastic box marked "pigeon food". In the box there is a metal can, one full can of feed is enough.


pigeon tower feed - This is the box where we keep the grains to feed the pigeons Georgia Dalloro

3- Grab a bottle/jug of water. On the shelf of the pigeon tower storage area you will find a glass bottle, you can use this to carry water to the tower, I usually fill it up from the tap close to the restaurant door. If the bottle is not there you can ask to borrow a water jug from the bar.


pigeon tower water bottle location - If you look closely you can spot the glass water bottle we use to replenish the pigeons' water bowls in the loft Georgia Dalloro

4- In the pigeon tower loft on the tower there are 5 bowls total, 3 for water and 2 for feed. These are divided between the two sides of the loft and they are located just inside the loft doors, except for one water bowl that is left on the outside terrace (if there is a storm coming, you can place this inside too). Use the ladder to fill up the food and water on each side; In order to reach the north facing door you will need to use a brick to stabilise the ladder as the gravel garden surrounding the tower is too narrow there, the brick can usually be found close to the outside corner of the barn.


pigeon tower feeding stabilised ladder - This is the brick we use to stabilise the ladder when feeding the pigeons, as the Japanese garden gravel is too narrow in that spot

5- Make sure to rinse the water bowls as they can get dirty easily. If any of the bowls look very dirty take them down and wash them. Fill the water bowls all the way up, the feed bowls don't need to be completely full, as long as they are more than half full that is enough.

6- Tidy & return everything and you are done! Do make sure than the feed box in the barn is properly sealed with tape, as the mice love that grain.



piegon looking into the camera - Screenshot of the livestream from the pigeon cam, when the squabs were still all living in the tower Georgia Dalloro

The pigeons thank you!