Japanese Crafts & Design Fair

MONO JAPAN Fair: More than 70 Japanese participants have exhibited since the first MONO JAPAN Fair in 2016, taken place at the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam. Most of these Japanese exhibitors were introduced for the first time in Europe. Numerous collaborations between Japan and the Netherlands have been born.


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We are delighted to announce that the MONO JAPAN Fair is finally coming back in 2022, at a new location LOODS6 in Amsterdam.
MONO JAPAN will again introduce carefully curated selection of modern Japanese artisanal products and makers to the Dutch and European audiences.

Despite the difficult travel situation, Japanese exhibitors will travel from Japan to join us in the Netherlands. We'll also have local Dutch and Japanese brands and makers joining us for the event. Each will be exhibiting and selling their unique products in person.
These three days will be a chance to experience MONO JAPAN's motto "Buy things directly from the makers".
You’ll have a chance to meet Japanese craft makers and learn about their unique manufacturing techniques. You will be able to see the “relationship between objects and ourselves” from a different perspective than we typically experience in the Netherlands.

Workshops: MONO JAPAN 2022 will feature workshops with MONO JAPAN-certified masters from Japan and the Netherlands who will share their knowledge and awareness with attendees. One of these is Mud Dyeing with Yukihito Kanai at Mediamatic. 



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