Wim van Egmond

Fungi videos by Wim van Egmond

Neo Futurist Dinner: Ears of Earth

Throughout the Ears of Earth dinner, videos created by microphotographer Wim van Egmond were displayed. Wim van Egmond's work focuses on capturing the ever-changing nature of micro life. To capture the hidden world of microbes, he uses time-lapse technology in his videos. Learn more about Wim van Egmond and his fantastical videos, visit his website.  

Photo credit: Wim van Egmond


Penicillium Purperogenum - Penicillium purpurogenum is a well-known biodeteriogen and a notorious causal agent of fruit spoilage. It produces a red pigment: the chemical called Chromones is derived from the fungi named as Penicillium purpurogenum.   Macrocrophotography by Wim van Egmond Wim van Egmond