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Cecilia Casabona is a an interdisciplinary research designer. Her practice focuses on collective strategies of thinking and “doing otherwise” with a particular interest around the notion of productivity in the neoliberal west.

“Doing otherwise” becomes an act of making, like the worker’s strikes, that enables to rethink the way humans (co)habit the world - even with critters other than themselves. 

Her master thesis “Reading out loud. Polyphonic systems for a collaborative survival” focuses on the performativity of language for which expressing words becomes an act of doing-making. In her research, she questions the stories upon which we have built our beliefs and history and how we can unlearn what we have learnt: words can be engaged as a material to disrupt the anthropocene and story-telling approaches be used as a subversive instrument for claiming alternative ways of living.

Trained as product designer at Politecnico di Milano, she approached design research and criticism by attending the Master Critical Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. There, she developed her interests towards participatory performance methodologies. Some of her recent projects, in fact, include performances, workshops together/with and beyond the human.

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