Serres Séparées

Our small glass greenhouses will once again provide a serene and memorable atmosphere for you to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Serres Séparées is also about creating a beautiful fine dining experience that combines living with nature and an innovative design approach. Our carefully crafted menus feature seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and our greenhouses provide a stunning natural backdrop that complements our culinary creations perfectly in an intimate space. Come and experience the ultimate fusion of nature, design, and fine dining at Serres Séparées.

From Wednesday to Saturday

4-course dinner in Serres Séparées*
€ 61 p.p., including a welcoming drink.

*Please note that there is a minimum reservation requirement of two people for dining in the Serres Séparées and that we only have 11 greenhouses available, so reservations are highly recommended. 


Code Noir in Serres Séparées - The premiére of Neo Futurist Dinner 13: Code Noir During this course, while guests are dining in the Serre Separes, Rachel Rumai Diaz performs one of the three spoken word pieces guests experience while they eat. Anisa Xhomaqi