Aaron Delucoire


Curious minds, meet Aaron—a multifaceted artist whose journey weaves a tale of self-discovery, resilience, and a passion for the transformative art of makeup. 

Born in the Philippines, Aaron's path led them from Aruba to the Netherlands, initially venturing into chemical engineering and food technology. Two years as a Future Food Technologist at Mars Inc. provided valuable experience, but a yearning for soul-nourishing excitement led Aaron to the enchanting world of makeup.

Slowly immersing themselves in the craft, Aaron's interest evolved into a serious pursuit. Countless YouTube tutorials and makeup workshops followed, leading to a pivotal discovery by makeup teacher Marihen, who offered them a spot at GlamourMakeupNL.

Moreover, venturing into queer events like Milkshake Festival and 3xnyx, Aaron's drag artistry journey unfolded. Nights without sleep or food were spent perfecting their drag style, channeling years of knowledge into mesmerizing looks.

Now, at a point where they empower aspiring drag artists through makeup classes, Aaron's mission extends beyond cosmetics. Beyond the classroom, Aaron's makeup artistry continues to grace creative, editorial, drag, and horror shoots. Embracing challenges and reveling in the extravagant, they invite clients to specify if a more subtle touch is desired.

In the realm of Aaron's artistry, makeup isn't just a medium—it's a celebration of self-expression, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that unfold when one chooses to live authentically.

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