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Pixel Paradise (Still from VR video)

Pixel Paradise is a traveling musical live installation with VR visuals. Embracing digitalization as a tool for creating truly immersive ambiguity. Initiated by its makers to be mobile and scalable for all situations.

Tibor de Jong is best known under the pseudonym Nemo Vos. He is an Utrecht-based artist and graduate of St. Joost School of Art & Design Breda. Nemo Vos creates poetic work using 3D software, scans, and film. In his work, both the physical and visual aspects of VR are utilized to explore a new way of storytelling.

Kamiel Rongen, also known as Waterballet, explores his creativity in Pixel Paradise, a multidisciplinary exhibition where hypnotic VR films merge with a fitting live synth set. Alongside VR artist Nemo Vos, he has showcased Pixel Paradise at various festivals, including Weelde Festival and Le Guess Who.

VR by Kamiel Rongen and Nemo Vos.
Sound design and live performance by Kamiel Rongen.

Production by Dutch Digital Collectibles.