Money Lab: THINK!

PICNIC '09 Lab

Waag Society and Imagine IC will host a one-day Money Lab during PICNIC. The Money Lab: THINK! session is open to all PICNIC attendees, and will host a number of expert presentations from both the actual networked and global monetary order and its alternatives.

Please note: YOU MUST HAVE A PICNIC CONFERENCE OR FESTIVAL TICKET TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION. Clicking on Count Me In simply indicates your interest in participating. The final selection of attendees is decided by our partner for this session.

Take part in the MoneyLab to think and shape new communities of trust and the best ways to sustain them.

Featured Speakers

  • Christian Nold: Artist, designer and educator working to develop new participatory models for communal representation.
  • Anthony Citrano, cultural analyst, activist, entrepreneur
  • Oliver Dudok van Heel, Director, The Lewes Pound CIC (Community Interest Company)
  • Dr. Ben Schouten, Lector Serious Game Design and Ambient Intelligence Fontys School of ICT Eindhoven The Netherlands
  • Martien van Steenbergen, Ecosopher, Aardbron
  • Bas Withagen, Waag Society

The Money Lab is a collaboration between ImagineIC, Waag Society and PICNIC.

If you are interested in joining the lab, please send an e-mail to lucas [at]

This session will be followed by Money Lab: MAKE!, an invitation-only afternoon session that will be spent talking about and tinkering with those money alternatives in a hands-on fashion. In its final part, this session seeks to conceptually and practically develop the Bijlmer Euro project. The project aims to research and inspire multi-ethnic trust communities in the super-diverse Amsterdam Bijlmer area, by introducing a new and complementary monetary system.