Painted Glasshouse

Slow Fashion Project initiated by Saskia van Drimmelen

19 Sep 2008

Friday the 19th of September Painted Glasshouse opens in Museum De Paviljoens. Painted Glasshouse is a multi-disciplinary fashion presentation in the Painted Series, the collective semi-couture initiative of Saskia van Drimmelen. After taking a long break from her own successful label, Saskia van Drimmelen presents the Painted Series; a collaboration between Dutch designers and craftworkers from Bulgaria. Painted Glasshouse is on view until 21 September 2008, at Paviljoen 2F7.


Painted Glasshouse by Saskia van Drimmelen, image from Painted Series website -

Opens 19 September 2008 at 19.30 – 20.30 hrs at Museum De Paviljoens in Almere. Go to De Paviljoens and visit the Painted Series website for more information.

I treasure

Painted by is a series of garments in progress.
Starting points were beautiful antique Bulgarian
family pieces to which different generations
have added new elements.
We were touched by the soul
of these layered garments.

Painted by consists of unique pieces
that have grown from different signatures.
Each piece has been worked on in sequence by
Dutch designers and artisans of nearly forgotten techniques,
that have become precious beyond time.

A story in garments.