Sleep in Tide (2007)

Chikako Watanabe

25 Sep 2007
1 Oct 2007

During the weekend of Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of September 2007, Chikako Watanabe presented a series of special performances and activities in Museum De Paviljoens and in the City Farm Almere, in collaboration with the Japanese singer Yuka Kawabe and the Japanese sound performer mamieMU. Old customs and traditions that are disappearing because of rapid urbanisation are a central aspect of her work. Through song, music, games, costumes, art and food, these traditions from all over the world and from the Almere area are honoured and expressed.

The performances in Museum De Paviljoens take place within the installation Tide (2007), which was designed especially for this purpose by Chikako Watanabe. This installation represents the sea level and tides in the age before the Flevoland polders were reclaimed from the sea. A special part of Tide is the singing and sound performance by Yuka Kawabe and mamieMU. At set times, they perform old fishermen's songs and let the sound of plankton resound. The clothing worn by Yuka Kawabe and mamieMU, which was designed especially by Chikako Watanabe, evokes memories of traditional Spakenburg costumes and old fishing nets.

Staying the night
During this weekend only, visitors can spend the night at Museum De Paviljoens as well. This makes for optimally experiencing the singing and the tides. Visitors stay within the installation Tide. Dinner, breakfast and lunch are prepared by chef and gastronomic researcher Henri Roquas and his Zee-egel in de Storm (Atelier voor de Kunst van de Maal-Tijd) (Sea Urchin in the Storm (Atelier for the Art of the Meal-Time)). He prepares Soul food for Deluge creatures. Please make your reservations for meals and an overnight stay via Eva van Diggelen.

Fishermen's and harvest songs
On Sunday, Yuka Kawabe and mamieMU will give a performance at Almere's city farm, which is situated on city estate De Kemphaan. There, Yuka Kawabe will sing old Japanese harvest songs, which she will dedicate to the city farm's cows. Obviously, the public is more than welcome on this occasion as well. Subsequently, Chikako Watanabe's {{327|Stadsboerderij Sugoroku)) (City Farm Sugoroku, 2005) will be played at this location. This game forms part of De Collectie Almere and is normally on view at Museum De Paviljoens. The performance by Yuka Kawabe and mamieMU ties in with the Harvest Festival that is celebrated at the city farm on this last Sunday of September.

Location: Museum De Paviljoens, Odeonstraat 3, Almere
Tide (2007). All performances by singer Yuka Kawabe & sound performer mamieMU last about 30 minutes

Saturday 29 September
16.51 hours starting time performance
20.32 hours starting time performance
22.39 hours starting time performance

Sunday 30 September
06.04 hours starting time performance
10.50 hours starting time performance
Location: City Farm Almere, Kemphaanpad 14, Almere Stadsboerderij Sugoroku (City Farm Sugoroku, 2005-2007)

Sunday 30 September
13.30 hours starting time Sugoroku (game)
14.03 hours starting time performance
15.12 hours starting time performance
15.45 hours home-made Sugoroku soup served