Natural Fuse


Natural Fuse creates a city-wide network of electronically-assisted plants that act both as energy providers and as circuit breakers.


Natural Fuse - Micro scale CO2 monitoring & overload protection framework that works locally and globally. Picture found on Natural Fuse's website by Usmann Haque

The main intention of this project by Usmann Haque is to balance the carbon footprint and carbon sink of electricity usage and plants in the system. The electricity depends on the plants just as the plants depend on the electricity.

There is power-activation switch, which the owners can adjust depending on how much they want to use the energy. There are 3 modes, OFF, SELFLESS and SELFISH.

In “OFF” mode, the system uses minimal energy, turns itself on once every hour.
No energy flows to the appliance connected to the unit.

In “SELFLESS” mode, the unit gives power to appliance at a rate that ensures CO2 production and capturing in the entire Natural Fuse system remain in equilibrium.

In “SELFISH” mode, the unit gives as much power to appliance as it needs. As a result, the owner can use the appliance as normal but it might cause the whole CO2 absorbed in the system to decrease or even lead to total systematic breakdown.