Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Manufacturing Hardware

Multithreaded Banjo Dinosaur Knitting Adventure 2D Extremeeeee

The knitting machine is busy knitting the custom designed sprites created through the ikCam terminal. But the team is not done yet.


first knitting results - Travis Goodspeed, Fabienne Serriere, Arjan Scherpenisse

Travis tells me that there are some elements that could really improve the machine. Firstly he says that the team really wants to build a drill that would automatize the use of the mechanism. This would mean that human interaction with the machine would be limited to the input of patterns. As the machine is fragile and uses very specific guidelines to use properly this would greatly improve its usability.

Furthermore they are looking into manufacturing their own PCB (Printed circuit board). Because the machine is limited to repeating a pattern rather then the free use of different patterns, they are looking to extend the possibilities offered. This however is going to be hard because the materials needed to create a PCB are not accessible in the Netherlands. If the proper materials can not be found in time they will opt to use a computer to make sure that the carpet (or rather scarf) will be both continuously knit and varying in patterns.

Either way I think it is safe to say that all participants of the camp will have a nice scarf to take home.