Disco Robot Workshop

Friday April 8 until Saturday April 9

Learn how to make your own little dancing creature within two days, in this groovy robotic workshop.


09-04-2010 Robot - Disco Robot Workshop -   Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel are Mediamatic's favourite robot radicals. Every year they come with a new, innovative and stimulating workshop. This year they teach participants how to make their own walking or dancing robot in a day and a half. During the first day the emphasis is on the technical part of the construction. On the second day the participants can customize their robot. April 2010. Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel are Mediamatic's favorite robot radicals. Every year… Arden de Raaij

What, how and who?

The first day you will start with the technical part by soldering the circuit and working on the mechanics of the robot. The second day you will finish the last soldering bits and start customizing your little walking creature. Trainers Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel are our favorite roboticians and they have been teaching workshops at Mediamatic since 2006. We invite them once a year, and every time they surprise us with new ideas for creative minimalistic robots made with very little materials and feasible for everyone. Ralf and Christian will be assisted by Cordula Körber.

Practical information

The workshop takes place in Mediamatic Bank at Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam.
Participation costs € 100 inc. VAT and includes the one and a half day workshop, the robot kit, all the accessories and coffee, tea, sodas and cookies. You can buy your ticket on our website. If you have questions you can contact Deborah Meibergen.