Over Datum Eetclub 8 - Mushroom Edition

September 27, 17:30 - With Mycological Gastronomes Mark and Maurice

There’s a saying that every mushroom is edible, but that there are some you can eat only once. To make sure we’ll be enjoying the right mushrooms, this Eetclub will be led by mushroom masterminds Mark and Maurice. Please make a reservation if you'd like to join us. The entrance fee is €7,50 and at least one expired product. Please RSVP on the website.


Een paddenstoelenpallet - Kleurvol Anna Meijer, Govert de Jong

Mark Janssen and Maurice van der Molen

Mark Janssen is the master of mycological gastronomy. What started as a hobby soon resulted in serious research and accompanying publications. His two mushroom handbooks provide the reader with lots of recipes and tips on how to gather wild mushrooms. Maurice van der Meulen is a visual artist and amateur mycologist. When he isn't working on ecological landscape constructions, he's searching for, photographing and sharing information about mushrooms.

Grocery list

Bring at least one product from the grocery list and any other over datum items you find hidden away in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to ask your local shopkeeper for over datum produce - from experience we can assure you they'll be more than willing to contribute.

  • mushrooms (champignons/cantharelles/porcini/oyster mushrooms)
  • tomato
  • salad
  • pasta
  • red peppers
  • eggplant, zucchini, paprika
  • garlic, onion
  • seeds and nuts
  • fruit (banana, apple, mango, lemon, orange etc)
  • cream
  • meat (chicken, pork, lamb)

More information

Over Datum Eetclub 8: Mushroom edition takes place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. Admission: €7,50 and at least one expired product. RSVP on the the website.