Frédéric Antonious

"Living life flows in living meditation; like music flows in silence."


Frederic Antonious - Frédéric Antonious, Mysticism ''Writer of spiritual books and founder of trancedental humanism"

For many Frédéric Antonious (1946) is an inspiration and a spiritual healer. But for himself most of all he is a monk who lives a life of relative seclusion. He has neither method nor doctrine; he is merely leading a life of contemplation, from which people who come in contact with him experience healing and enlightenment.

For him human beings exist on various levels and they communicate with each other on these various levels, though we are usually unconscious of that.
Previously Frédéric Antonious wrote and published under the pseudonyms Frédéric Abbah and abHabib Abbah.

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