Events on commercialism and city planning

5 أيار / مايو 2005
15 أيار / مايو 2005

The cities of Salzburg, Maastricht and Tallinn organize a series of events around the commercialization of historical city centers and the demands for preservation.

Popular travel destinations like Salzburg suffer from a syndrome, which has been described as "Theming." Their historical centers are overloaded with international chains, souvenir stands and icecream parlours. The result is a static flow of tourists, which in the long run drives the locals away from the center.

This series of events tries to document and discuss this development. Between public space and individual liberty, mass tourism and city preservation interests are divergent. Performances, audio-visual presentations and local projects will underline the necessity for a new approach to city planning.

For upcoming events, check the Trichtlinnburg Website