Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 0#0 Servaas Schoone 1 Jan 1985

The New TV

Emotional television for the future.

We are daily being attacked by TV images and sounds, and, most of all, by their monotony. TV is dull because image and sound give their messages at the same time. This has to be overcome by fantasy.


Servaas - The Wrong Connection (1985) - De beelden op de monitoren worden drie-domensionaal gemaakt door het geluid; stalen klepels in de oliedrums worden pneumatisch aangestuurd waar het videobeel vereist. Servaas Schoone

Even though the image on the screen is moving, it cannot go beyond its limits. It should be possible to outdo broadcasting companies by putting emotional televisions on the market. The installations depicted can be used as examples by Philips, since all apparatus fits into a large size TV set.

Until the new television is produced we can make do with my tapes.

Translation: Fokke Sluiter