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What makes urine a turn on?

Talking about golden showers with Mistress Kalyss Mercury

Water sports are still a taboo. You don't find many people who are willing to discuss the subject. Kalyss Mercury is an exception. Professional dominatrix for years and kink research pioneer, she has no fear in saying what she likes about golden showers.


MerMistress by D.A., personal collection - Mistress Kalyss Mercury portraid as a mermaid. Her photographer prefers to stay anonymous.

The time should come for us to tackle this thorny topic: urine and sex – how do they connect and why? Although we wrote a blogpost on this before, we felt the need to go deeper and devote to this issue the attention it deserves. Hence, we decided to organise an event to discuss the practice of golden shower and we invited different professionals who could talk about urolagnia from their own perspectives. One of them is Kalyss Mercury, self-confident pro-domme and determined neuroscience researcher.


CityScapes by Lucas Messerer - Mistress Kalyss Mercury portraid by Lucas Messerer ( )

She is certainly not a common woman and she knows what she is about. Having practiced her dominating skills for years and having scientifically studied kinks in her academic life, she knows the kinky mind quite well. So well, that she actually wrote her Master thesis on it at the University of Oslo. Yet, she does not like to keep her knowledge for herself: she is an outspoken BDSM activist and uses her studies to fight for more rights for kinksters.


Oslo Fetish Weekend 2015 Poster by Lucas Messerer - Kalyss Mercury posing for the poster promoting the Oslo Fetish Weekend in 2015. Portrait by Lucas Messerer,

She caught our interest due to the fact that “water sports, piss play, toilet training are all forms of what [she] could easily have qualified as one of [her] top three favorite kinks”. The combination of her professional engagement with golden showers and her scientific (self-)reflexivity made us think that her opinion is one worth listening to if we are to discuss more openly the role of urine in sex.
Indeed, both when they love golden showers and when they find them disgusting, people struggle to understand why urine can be a sexual turn on. Different psychological explanations exist, but here is Kalyss' personal one:

“There’s something visceral about urinating on someone; a nearly beastlike feeling that I get. For me, golden showers (GS for short) are fun for two main reasons. First there is the sheer delight in the physical sensation of urination. Releasing all that built up pressure, feeling all of it flow out tickling my nether lips in the process. It even seems sometimes that the warm flow presses on my G spot, especially if I squeeze particularly hard. For me, the simple act of peeing is extremely erotic …
Aside from the physical pleasure I get from releasing my golden nectar, the fact that I have an eager human toilet to collect all of it takes it to another level. The contrast between the warm and arousing sensations with the usual societal symbolism around the act gives you a mind spin. There’s humiliation for the receiver and the need to prove oneself as a devoted pet” (excerpt from My Favorite Kinks – Part 2).


Mistress Kalyss Mercury on a motorbike - A portrait of Kalyss Mercury made by y BasicX (

If you are interested in reading more about Kalyss' life style and BDSM practices in general, you are welcome to navigate her website further, provided you are at least 18.